Explore the annual theme of the festival through activities that involve discussion, expert guidance that will change how you hear music and allow you to meet the artists.


P’tits-déj avec

What would you say to breakfast with your favourite artist the day following their concert? These friendly and casual interviews are led by Charles Sigel.

Program released 1st June.

28th, 29th & 30th June, 2nd July | 10:30am  | Ancien Pressoir, Cully
Duration: 45’
Free entry


Autour d’une oeuvre

Allow us to guide you through the finer details of a musical masterpiece. The artists themselves give these workshops, led by musicologist Philip Albèra.

Program released 1st June.

25th & 26th June, 1st & 3rd July| 10:30am | Ancien Pressoir, Cully
Duration: 1h
Free entry



Leading artists give their own varied and exciting interpretations of the theme “Beyond limits” with Charles Sigel.

25th & 30th June, 1st & 2nd July | 6:00pm | Ancien Pressoir, Cully
Duration: 1h
Price: 20.- / 10.- (with evening ticket: 10.- / 5.-)
Tickets: reservation only (limited places) 

SA 25th JUNE – 5pm | Pierre Assouline

THU 30th JUNE – 6pm | Lucienne Peiry

FRI 1st JULY – 6pm | Bruno Monsaingeon

SA 2nd JULY – 5pm | Marc Bonnant



Keep up to date with the help of our criers: in just a few minutes they will give you a new musical perspective and keep you posted with the coming events. Ask them any questions you may have!