It was love at first sight when, in 2003, the German cellist Marcus Hagemann (initiator of the festival and co-director until 2009) discovered Cully whilst looking for a new cello from the luthier Michael Stürzenhofecker (co- founder).

The same year, a meeting between Albert Diringer (co-founder) in Cully and Jean-Christophe de Vries (co-founder and current general & artistic director) in Berlin enabled a collaboration of local forces and a first edition in June 2004 with just two concerts: an opening concert and a concert! L’Association du Festival was created for the 3rd edition, which for the first time included a thematic programming and partners.

The festival has since experienced significant expansion, the result of constant efforts and a growing interest from the public, the media and the world of culture. In March 2016, the festival will change its name to become Lavaux Classic. Today CULLY CLASSIC is one of the best events of its kind and has become an incomparable musical experience in Romande Switzerland, particularly esteemed for the quality of its programming, its proximity at all times and its unique setting.

Some figures

2015 | 12e édition
10 days, 22 concerts ‘IN, 30 concerts ‘OFF, 30 side events, 7’000 spectators

2014  | 11th edition
10 days, 21 concerts ‘IN, 40 concerts ‘OFF, 26 side events, 6’000 spectators

2013 | 10th edition
10 days, 21 concerts ‘IN, 40 concerts ‘OFF, 23 side events, 7’000 spectators

2012 | 9th edition
10 days, 15 concerts ‘IN, 15 concerts ‘OFF, 18 side events, 5’000 spectators

2011  | 8th edition
7 days, 9 concerts ‘IN, 12 concerts ‘OFF, 11 conferences, 3’000 spectators

2009  | 6th edition
6 days, 8 concerts, 8 conferences, 1’100 spectators

2006 | 3rd edition
4 days, 5 concerts, 6 conferences, 800 spectators

2004 | 1st edition
2 days, 2 concerts, 180 spectators