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Lavaux Classic is made up of a unique formula combining high artistic standards, an intimacy between artist and spectator at all times, and the discovery of an exceptional landscape. Demonstrating a dynamic and unique quality, Lavaux Classic takes place in one of the most beautiful cultural landscapes in the world: Lavaux, a wine region and UNESCO world heritage site.

Lavaux Classic offers several musical events each year including its festival in June. The program features over a hundred events around a specific theme: paying concerts in various venues around the region, free concerts by the lake, activities exploring Lavaux, meetings and children’s events.

Called Cully Classique from the years 2004 to 2015, from 2016 onwards the festival will be renamed Lavaux Classic in order to spread its values and activities across the entire Lavaux region.



The Festival’IN includes the paying activities of the event: almost 25 classical concerts, events based around this year’s theme and activities involving exploring Lavaux. Internationally renowned artists and young musicians alike find themselves in Lavaux Classic for exceptional musical moments. The program Festival’IN will be announced several months in before the festival.



The Festival’OFF includes the free activities of the festival: nearly 30 concerts of all styles by the lake in Cully, meetings with musicians and exciting activities based around music. The program for the Festival’OFF will be announced a month in advance.