Music videos « L’opéra, quelle histoire ?! »


Copyright: Anne-Laure Lechat

Video is an ideal format to bridge popular culture and the traditions of classical music.

Due to Coronavirus restrictions, « L’opéra, quelle histoire ?! », the musical show we had commissioned in collaboration with HEMU and planned to première at the festival in June 2020 has become a set of capsule videos to keep you entertained throughout the summer.

Act III “Le Roi des Aulnes”

Acte II “The Cold Song”

Acte I “Lully vs Queen”

Teaser of Acte I “Lully vs Queen”

The project in a few words

Eager to bring people and styles together, Lavaux Classic had long thought of using video to cross borders. The public health situation made the use of new technologies more widespread and ended up being the last link to our audience. That’s how this collaboration with HEMU, « L’Opera, quelle histoire ?! », changed and adapted itself to a video format instead of being staged live during the festival.

Linking opera and pop culture

The main objective of this show was to show how modern the opera genre can be by building bridges between famous operatic arias and songs taken from current pop culture. These similarities are enacted in the music itself but they’re also to be found in dramaturgical topics – for example in the parallel understanding of opera libretti and song lyrics.

Long form – for more music

The hardest part of adapting from a live show to videos was choosing extracts to present. While we tried to stick to short formats as the digital world requires, we decided in the end that we would shake these restrictions off to let the music take all the time it needed. Duration however wasn’t the only constraint, as we had to evolve from the staging of a scene from an opera to a video production set.

The start of a unifying digital adventure?

We hope that you enjoyed watching these videos as much as we did. They represent the fruit of our determination to offer cultural outreach projects, to give young talents a platform and to share knowledge and skills in collaboration with Thierry Weber’s “mediation culturelle” class at HEMU.

Just as we consider the mission of cultural outreach is ongoing, we hope that this digital video project will make sense beyond a public health emergency. For us, as long as the audience agrees, this is only the start of a fruitful collaboration between current and future members of the classical scene.