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 Crédit photo: M. Genoud

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(Association des Amis de Lavaux Classic)

Les Amis de Lavaux Classic counts more than 300 members who support the Festival and are allowed exclusive access to its activities. Sharing and  exchange are at the heart of the Association’s values.

Since its creation in 2003, Les Amis actively contributes to the Festival’s impact and visibility. Thanks to resources they renew yearly, les Amis contribute to the development of projects by the Festival though financial support as well as independently organised events locally.


– Members benefit from early bird access to tickets for the festival before the general public

– Members are invited to independently-organised events, exclusively for members and their friends!


Individual Member : CHF 60
Couple                       : CHF 100
Student                      : CHF 30
Support                     : from CHF 200 and on

L’Association des Amis de Lavaux Classic is officially recognised as being an organisation of public benefit. Donations and contributions are tax-exempt and can be fully deducted at federal, cantonal and municipal level. An annual certificate is available on request.


Stéphane Spoerli, chair
Jean-Noël Thélin, treasurer
Rosemarie Lausselet
Claire Peter


Association des Amis de Lavaux Classic

+41 21 311 02 29