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 Photo credit: Fonds Lavaux Monique Jacot

Volunteer at Lavaux Classic!

To shake off the lethargy of a year in relative lockdown, join us by applying as a Lavaux Classic volunteer. You’ll be part of a dynamic team working towards making this local event happen for international artists and our growing audience!
Planned over two weekends at venues in Cully, we hope to make sure everyone forgets the troubles of the past year by providing our enchanting landscape – beautiful sunsets to be enjoyed with a glass of wine and the fresh breeze off the lake.
Lavaux Classic counts on volunteers to make our visions a reality. Every year, a team of at least 50 people, of all ages and from all walks of life join us in making the Festival a joy to experience for all. We have different positions to fill, so everyone can contribute with their skills. We need as many enthusiastic volunteers as possible! You can look forward to a friendly and safe atmosphere, with the added bonus of the incredible landscape.
Whether you have previous experience or not, this is the perfect opportunity to take part in the local culture scene, to meet new people, to find out all that goes on behind the scenes of an event – and add an extra line to your CV. Sign up now and discover Lavaux Classic from the inside!

T. +41 21 311 02 29

Become a local host!

We are not recruiting hosts this year

For the second year in a row, we have decided not to rely on our local hosts for artists’ and staff accommodation. Due to the ongoing situation, we do not have enough stable elements to rely on to plan a festival with our usual gusto. All things considered, we instead look forward to being able to deploy all our assets in 2022!
We are so thankful to all of you who have welcomed both artists and staff into your homes in previous years, and who thereby make the magic of Lavaux Classic!

+41 21 311 02 29